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Our self inflating sandbags are proving to be quite popular for people in their homes and small businesses. If you compare the Home Flood Kit to a pallet of sandbags, then the first thing you notice is size. For storage purposes the flood kit is much smaller than a pallet of filled sandbags so you can put the kit away in a cupboard or in the garage ready for use when required.

If you were to opt for the filled sandbags, once they are in situe, it would be very time consuming and physically demanding to move them. When you get a flood alert, you would also have to carry them (15kg each) to where they are needed. The self inflating sandbags can be moved around your home or business easily enough and if you do need them for flood defence you can carry the ‘dry’ bags to where you need them and then activate them there.

If you are unfortunate enough to experience flooding in the future and you have used filled sandbags, they will have to be disposed of because of contamination.

It’s easy enough to cut the bags and put the empty bags in the normal rubbish. The added benefit to the self inflating sandbags though is that you can use them for ‘greening’, where you can dig them into the soil around new plants or trees to keep the soil moist.

Overall, the decision needs to be made on the amount of storage space you have available, and if you’re physically fit enough to manually handle sand filled sandbags. If you are limited on storage space and you don’t like the idea of lumping 15kg weights around, then the Home Flood Kit is for you.