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Just last week, the A1 Motoway in Yorkshire was closed due to flooding. The rain was relentless and UK Sandbags were inundated with calls from local authorities, businesses and residents to supply our sand filled sandbags all around the county.

Through selling our filled sandbags and our other flood protection solution – the self inflating sandbag, we have found that preparedness is key. The phone calls that we receive are either from people who have just had a close escape or have just been flooded who want to prepare for the future in case it happens again. The other type of phone calls we receive are from people, business and local authorities who want to replenish their stock pile of sandbags because they have just used up their last few.

Which of these people would you rather be? The people who have just suffered a flood or the people who have just defended against a flood and would like to prepare for next time. The environmental agency and the national flood forum both recommend that households create a flood plan, and part of that flood plan is to find out where you can purchase flood defence products, one of which includes filled sandbags.

Preparing your flood defences can be a simple as buying one of our Home Flood Kits and putting it in a cupboard out of the way, or in the garage. Once you hear that there may be a risk of flooding, just activate the amount of self inflating bags you need, put them in place and you’re done.

If you have plenty of storage then sand filled plastic sandbags are a more cost effective solution, but they are more difficult to man handle into place, especially if you are storing them a good distance away from where the water ingress may take place. Your sand filled sandbags will weigh around 15 kg, the sandless sandbags will weigh 0.5kg before inflation.

Other than storage and the weight of the type of sandbags you choose for your preparation, you need to look at the material used as well. Hessian is what the ‘good old sandbag’ is made of, but hessian rots, so you can’t store sand filled hessian sandbags and they aren’t suitable for longer term flood and water defence.

They are 100% biodegradable though and they are easier to handle when building your defence.

Plastic Polypropylene sandbags are much better for longer term flood defence and you can store them for quite a while.

With the self inflating sandbags, you don’t need to consider the type of material for storage as both types will be ok in storage for longer than 5 years. You need to consider the life span of the sandbag when it’s active and out in the open. Plastic Polypropylene will always last longer, but won’t degrade as fast as hessian when the floods have passed.

Whichever you decide to store, just make sure you have them in time before the next flash flooding hits.